As an experienced cheesemaker and teacher Paul has a breadth of experience in many cheese and dairy technologies including soft rennet-set, lactic, hard, semi-hard, blue, washed rind and mould-ripened.

Paul can work with you or your business to develop cheeses that are right for your milk and suited to how you want to make cheese as well as meeting the demands of your target market.

Full and half days available as well as email and telephone consultancy for existing business or new start-ups 

Is your cheese not draining fast enough? Is the curd becoming brittle? Are your young cheeses drying too fast? Is the flavour not quite right? Are your cheeses blowing or cracking due to gas defects? Are your cheeses ripening too quickly or too slowly?

Get in touch to arrange a consultation - prices start from hourly phone or Skype meetings to half or full day site visits

Paul offers full and half days onsite with the express aim of improving the technical, safety, product or regulatory knowledge of you and/or your staff.

Get in touch to check Paul's availability.

Paul has worked with food safety authorities at EU and UK level, trained food enforcement officers and worked directly with the UK competent authority in a working group on STEC in raw milk cheese. He was also a co-author of the European Guide for Good Hygiene Practices in the Production of Artisanal Cheese and Dairy Products, published by the European Commission in 2017.

If you need to conceive of a food safety management system but don't know where to start, want to review your HACCP documentation or if something has gone wrong and you need help then get in touch and Paul will let you know how he can assist you.

Sometimes things go wrong and it is important to get help to investigate and understand the issues so that you and your business survive and noone is placed in danger.

Working alongside cheesemakers, business owners and the relevant authorities, Paul can assist you with non-comformity management including confirmed contamination with major pathogens including Listeria, STEC and Salmonella.

He can help you try get to the bottom of the issues and put in place new food safety management systems to help you move forward. He has been a cheesemaker and has extensive experience through his consultation and regulatory work so get in touch if you need confidential advice.

With a comprehensive understanding of the legislation and science to help you get your paperwork in order to satisfy the competent authority either in the UK or EU, Paul could help you to get up and running faster or help you to resolve issues with the local authorities. His technical knowledge and experience as an affineur and wholesale manager could help you make the best of your products either for storage and display or to train your staff and improve your sales.

Why not contact Paul to see how he could help you?

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